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AT91SAM7S256 Microchip’s ARM®-based SAM7S256 is a member of the SAM7S series of flash microcontrollers based on the 32-bit ARM7TDMI RISC processor.


It operates at a maximum speed of 55MHz and features 128KB of flash memory and 64KB of SRAM.

The peripheral set includes a Full Speed USB device and Phy at 12Mbps, UART, two USARTs, TWI (I2C), SPI, SSC, two PWM timers, three 16-bit timers, RTT, 8×10-bit ADC and 32 IO lines. It achieves single-cycle instruction access from embedded flash at 27 MIPS.

The multi-layer bus matrix, multiple SRAM banks, PDC, and DMA support parallel tasks and maximize data throughput.

The SAM7S256 operates from 1.65V to 3.6V and is available in 64-pin LQFP and QFN packages.


Microcontroller Features


        • ARM7TDMI® ARM® Thumb® Processor 32-bit RISC Architecture
        • High-density 16-bit Instruction Set
        • EmbeddedICE™ In-circuit Emulation, Debug Communication Channel Support


        • 256 Kbytes, Organized in 1024 Pages of 256 Bytes (Single Plane)
        • 64 Kbytes embedded SRAM, Single-cycle Access at Maximum Speed
        • Memory Controller (MC)
        • Memory Protection Unit


        • Embedded 1.8V Regulator, Drawing up to 100 mA for the Core and External Components
        • Based on Power-on Reset Cells and Low-power Factory-calibrated Brownout Detector
        • Low-power RC Oscillator, 3 to 20 MHz On-chip Oscillator and One PLL
        • Power Management Controller (PMC)
        • Advanced Interrupt Controller (AIC)
        • Two-wire UART and Support for Debug Communication Channel interrupt, Programmable ICE Access Prevention
        • 20-bit Programmable Counter plus 12-bit Interval Counter
        • Windowed Watchdog (WDT)
        • Real-time Timer (RTT)
        • 32 Parallel Input/Output Controllers (PIO)
        • Eleven Peripheral DMA Controller (PDC) Channels
        • Four High-current Drive I/O lines, Up to 16 mA Each


        • 64-lead LQFP
        • 64-pad QFN

Peripheral Features

        • One Synchronous Serial Controller (SSC)
        • Two Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver Transmitters (USART)
        • One Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)
        • One USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbits per second) Device Port
        • One Three-channel 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC)
        • One Four-channel 16-bit PWM Controller (PWMC)
        • One Two-wire Interface (TWI)

Analog Features

        • One 8-channel 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter, Four Channels Multiplexed with Digital I/Os

Fully Static Operation

        • Up to 55 MHz at 1.8V and 85⋅ C Worst Case Conditions
        • Up to 48 MHz at 1.65V and 85⋅ C Worst Case Conditions

Debugger Development Support

      • SAM-BA – Interface with SAM-BA Graphic User Interface
      • IEEE® 1149.1 JTAG Boundary Scan on All Digital Pins

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